The story behind the stories

If you have a furry friend, feline or otherwise, you talk to it, right? Probably even have conversations with it. (We all do.)

And so it was when the pastor of a church in Clinton, Connecticut encountered a lost cat several days in a row on the grounds of the rectory he called home. A pact he made with the cat for a one-night living arrangement came undone when the rescued cat did not live up to his campaign promise to be gone after one night.

It soon became clear to everyone who knew them, that it was this cat he had named Roman Catholic who rescued Father Michael and not the other way around. And what followed was fifteen years of their sometimes conflicting needs coalescing into a relationship of devotion to one another and to the parishioners to whom they ministered.

The life, adventures, musings, and lessons learned from the beloved, sassy cat became stories that Father Michael would tell to his congregants. In retirement from his busy ministry, he has written them down in a treasure of delightful vignettes. And like Levy’s secular rye bread, you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy them!

3 thoughts on “The story behind the stories

  1. Mary Fischer says:

    Dear Father Michael, Thank you for the beauty of your thoughts and life choices, both
    in this endearing book and in homilies at St. Margaret’s in Madison up until 2014.
    I am now in Florida and belong to St. Mary of the Lakes parish. If you hear from
    Fr. Joseph Bellerive it’s because I put the book in his hands.
    Gratefully, Mary Fischer


  2. Pasqulina Cameron says:

    This is a outstanding magnificent book this is love .Fr. Micheal Thankyou for this book the love of any furry animal is unconditional.
    This is a beautiful Christmas gift or for someone who has just lost there furry beloved friend
    It just tells it all God Bless you Father Michael and your love of animals.


  3. Kelly Mack says:

    Loved the book! My sister bought it and gave it to me for my birthday in March. I also had a long time black cat named Iggy that I loved so much and Roman Catholic’s antics reminded me alot of him! Thanks for a fun book to read.


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