This is a outstanding magnificent book this is love .Fr. Micheal Thank you for this book the love of any furry animal is unconditional.
This is a beautiful Christmas gift or for someone who has just lost there furry beloved friend
It just tells it all God Bless you Father Michael and your love of animals.  ~ Pasqulina Cameron

An outstanding magnificent book this is love…

Short, heartwarming tails 😉 for all ages. Every page breathes the love and goodness this world needs so desperately. And if your eyes are still dry after reading, then “your heart is as cold as a wet Christmas!  ~ Robert Bischoff

Short, heartwarming tails ;) for all ages

Love is masterfully woven throughout these remarkable tales! We are given a rare insight into the humorous relationship between a cat and his priest… a relationship bordering on the Divine. The beauty of their extraordinary bond lies in their mutual love and devotion. These captivating stories will be enjoyed by everyone!  ~Maryanne Watson

Love is masterfully woven throughout

Father Michael, the stories of Roman Catholic that you gave me for Christmas were absolutely delightful reading! Thank you! I am going to share them with others. Have you considered publishing them for the benefit of many children and adults who, too, will greatly enjoy reading them? If you do, you have my support.  ~Maria Anthony

Absolutely delightful

Fr. Michael, the book you gave us with stories of Roman Catholic was a great, surprising Christmas present! Almost every Sunday when we came to Mass, he met us in the parking lot, checked on the license plate of our car, and told us that our car passed the test! He would not accept tips! He was our devoted parish cat!   ~A Parishioner

A great Christmas present

Father Michael, you are incredible! Thank you so much for this treasure! The best gift ever! Having been there for Roman Catholic for so many years, I really loved reading your beautiful journal!  ~Judy Postemsky

Father Michael, you are incredible!

This book is a treasure for all of us who love animals, and is a beautiful gift for all generations! Father Michael’s love and compassion for all God’s creatures are told through conversations with his sassy cat, Roman Catholic.  ~Judy Schiffer

This book is a treasure

I was finally able to sit and read your beautiful “Stories of an Outstanding Catholic.” Father, I loved it! You did a great job! It was heartwarming and your love for Roman Catholic was definitely felt! And I want you to know that it was an absolutely beautiful gift you have given me. I will cherish it always!  ~Diane Garrity


What wonderful stories you have written to share. You are a talented and creative writer with a keen ability to relate events with descriptive and interesting details. The stories about R.C. and the other animal interactions offer insight to the bond we share with our pets and the intellect of the animal kingdom. The dialogue form is truly engaging and provides a humorous, yet insightful, Catholic perspective. You have a creative ability and talent to share tales and adventures about R.C. with a writing style that connects with the humorous side of life, religion, and the challenges of different personalities.  ~Michele Moore

Humorous and insightful